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Newspaper Inserts

Why Newspaper Inserts ?

Newspaper inserts are flexible, creative and the most affordable mode of advertisement, which has numerous advantages, making it an instant hit for most ad campaigns.

It is a hyper-local form of advertisement, which helps you reach your target market to get your message to the potential customers. Through our wide distribution network in Chennai, we help you get your message to the right people at the right time.

'Inserts' have the potential to reach thousands of customers at only a fraction of the cost. They set your brand apart, as they don't blend in with numerous newspaper ads. So there is little chance of your customer missing your advertisement.

Last but definitely not the least 'inserts' generate 'instant response'. Thumbing through the colorful inserts, your customers find what you have to offer and you develop a brand name instantly. So trim your ad budget, generate sales and go create a brand!

How it's done - In order to achieve cent percent accuracy, our dedicated teams in each area place the inserts personally in the newspaper. This ensures no misses and 100% circulation.