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Flex Banners & Boards

Banners, posters and display advertising - continues to be one of the most preferred and well-established methods of business exposure because it attracts attention of the audience owing to its greater visual impact.

This form of advertisement, offers highly customizable design in a wide range of shapes and sizes, thus giving you the flexibility to design an ad that best hits your target customers. An advertising banner or poster can be displayed anywhere - at an event as a sponsor, on billboards, or outside your business center.

While commercials grow old in no time, banner/poster advertising has prolonged shelf life, which helps reinforce your business each time a consumer sees your banner. Hence banners, continue to be preferred as an excellent marketing tool because of its high success rate.

We help you communicate the benefits of your product though a wide range of printing options: Flex, Vinyl, Foam, Flute/ Sun pack boards and Cloth displays & banners. We print posters in all sizes for high level of coverage and also give you design solutions for the best visual effect. We have a dedicated team to ensure execution and completion of every project that we undertake, right from designing the banners/posters, boards to fixing, tying / pasting them at desired locations. Indoor or outdoor, let your ads breathe life!