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Pamphlets / Handbills Distribution

In a market where every penny counts, pamphlet distribution is the most cost effective and reliable method to reach your target market directly. For example, educational institutions offering value added courses could directly target students by distributing pamphlets in the school/college premises, thus touching mass audience and creating an instant brand name for their business.

As the pamphlets are handed over in person, you can be assured that your potential customers have read the content or at least skimmed through the leaflet, which will grab their attention and generate an interest in what you have to offer. As a result you get instant response, which also helps you monitor your ad campaign as it progresses in a specific area.

Also a pamphlet delivered by hand, faces no competition with your competitor's advertisement, as is the case in other mediums.

In order to target maximum customers, pamphlets are generally distributed at places where crowd movement is high, like IT parks, malls, movie theatres etc. Manpower is provided depending on our client's requirement. So distribute your way to success!